London Turismoas 2012 - Dec 3rd - NH Harrington. 5-25 Harrington Gardens, South Kensington

London, December 3rd NH Harrington Hall. 5-25 Harrington Gardens
South Kensington, SW7-4JW London

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  • The event covered a lot of hot topics and there was a great level of interaction and discussion at each session.

    Nigel Huddleston (Industry Head Travel at Google)
  • It was fascinating to hear and participate in conversations around where travel and technology are working together for the benefit of the industry.

    Annie Wilson (Managing Director at Kayak UK)
  • The summit in London was the perfect event to discuss the most important issues of the tourism industry. The Consumer changing behaviour and the new patterns in information acquisition, decision making and purchasing are impacting the current landscape in a formidable way. Having the industry leaders debating over different key issues and having the opportunity to see how other companies are facing this new environment was very useful and enriching.

    Borja Lozano (Marketing Director Iberia at Easyjet)
  • was a very interesting and worthwhile event to attend. The speakers were knowledgable and provided insightful commentary and thought provoking debate on important industry issues. I will definitely be happy to return again.

    Oliver Gradwell (CEO at Travel Bloggers Unite)
  • provides an ideal platform for industry professionals to share their experiences and discuss new trends and ideas - Certainly worth attending!

    Inge Bauwens (DMO Sales Manager at Tripadvisor)
  • Good selection of speakers and issues, looking forward to future events.

    Kevin May (Editor & co-founder at Tnooz)
  • I enjoyed the event and found the discussion topics and quality of the speakers to be high. It also gave me some wider insight into the European and Spanish markets.

    Joel Brandon-Bravo (CEO UK at Travelzoo)
  • The first edition of in London, organised in collaboration with the Spanish Tourism Board in London, gathered some of the most reputed voices in two areas, tourism and techonology, that are rapidly converging and changing the relationship between consumers,companies and tourism destinations. This successful first edition has started a dialog that should be deepened in the near future.

    Enrique Ruiz (Director at OET London)
  • London was an inspiring event with a broad range of key speakers from the travel and tourism industry engaging in high-quality discussions on cutting-edge issues of and synergies between travel and technology. (Barbara Neuhofer, PhD Researcher, Bournemouth University).

    Barbara Neuhofer (PhD Researcher at eTourism Lab)
  • Congratulations to the team on an excellent event. Hugely educational, a first class selection of travel industry and media representatives and some very topical debate. It was a great honour to be invited to be part of the discussion about a subject that will play such a significant role in the future of the travel industry.

    Sofia Panayiotaki (Director and Head of Travel PR and Communications at MediaCo)
  • The first in London was a perfect platform for a constructive discussion and to meet people who are dealing with online business and social media every day.

    Catharina Fischer (Head Social Media at GNTB)
  • Once again, it was a true pleasure participating in and at such a magnificent setting as London. Presently, it is important for entrepreneurs and travel industry active professionals to make a firm commitment to innovation, towards working together, and the willingness to put our knowledge in the service of others.

    Pedro Jareño (Dircom at Minube)
  • A positive start for a conference that is sure to become an annual fixture in the UK's must-do seminars on social and digital in travel.

    Steve Keenan (Co-founder at Travel Perspective)
  • The conference was a great success. Mr Juan Otero was able to bring together some of brightest lights in their relative fields from all across Europe. This was the culmination of a lengthy process which can only begin with the knowledge of who those people are. Juan's constant connection and involvement with the fields of technology and tourism made this easy, but this, in no way, should take away from the achievement.

    John Lee (Presenter)
  • The event was very interesting, pleasant and of great exchange of professional and personal ideas. The hotel NH Harrington very comfortable and nice and excellent the food of the restaurant Hispania. Really " a big step for the brand Spain.

    Olvido Macías (Reporter at Onda Cero)
  • has shown its real potential in the event in London. A well-organized forum, with a leader who engages and convinces,with modern and educational themes and with world-class participants. A Forum XXII Century. Thanks for letting me work with you, hope to work together many times.

    Marcos Morán (Executive Chef at Hispania London)

II London
December, 2nd & 3rd 2013

Enjoy the Real Tourism

Real tourism is that which uses tics in its business processes. Nowadays, nobody conceives doing without technology and the internet in any of the phases that travel implies.

The " London" project allows us to approach the future through the vision of people, companies and entities of worldwide reference in both sectors. It's a live forum that we update on a yearly basis with the most recent trends.

We would like to invite you to an ambitious project on a worldwide scale, a vision of tourism pivoted around technology.